Mothers Day 2019

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Happy Mothers Day! This video was a collaboration with my incredibly talented sister who carries the message of this song right to the heart through her dancing. Although the video edits and other elements are quite rough around the edges (newbie to video editing!) the purpose was to express love to our angel mother this Mothers day weekend.

When we showed it to her last night, her grateful tears convinced me to get over my pride and go ahead and post it publicly- imperfections and all so that others may be able to feel the same spirit of this great message:

“In case you don’t live forever let me tell you the truth-I’m everything that I am because of you.”

Please share this message with a mother or someone else in your life who has made an impact because life goes by too quickly to not express how we feel while we can.

This song was written by one of my favorite artists: Ben Platt. Check out his album: Sing to Me Instead for the brilliant original rendition of this song (just please try not to compare us ;))

Enjoy! Happy Mothers Day!

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